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Why is my Lead Magnet Not Getting Anywhere?

You’ve got a lead magnet in place but it’s not collecting as many leads as you’d like.

The problem could be either- one, people aren’t seeing it, or two, they see it but aren’t taking action. This points to an issue on traffic or how your conversion process works.

The good thing about this is that there’s always a solution. Check out my recommendations below:

Increase Traffic

More traffic equals more opportunities to acquire a lead. There are plenty of ways to get more visitors- you can place strategic links in your web pages which lead to your landing page, post the link on message boards and forums and work on your SEO by crafting engaging, informative content.

As long as you’re trying to get traffic, why not use the power of social media to acquire quality leads? Use this guide on how you can get started- The Art Of Social Media Advertising.

If you’ve done this step and there’s still not a lot of visitors downloading your offer, then it could be a conversion problem.

Conversion Issues

You won’t get many downloads if the lead doesn’t resonate with your audience. Now, in order to catch your target audience’s attention you’ll need to solve a specific problem. You’ll know that you have a good lead magnet in your hands if it serves a specific type of audience and no one else.


You Chose A Topic That’s Too Competitive

You can bet that your lead magnet will get lost in the flood if you enter it on Google and get 85 million search results. Why would your visitors give away their email when there are similar content they can get for free? Simply put, the hook just isn’t there.

What do you do in this case? A good lead magnet can still be turned into a blog post. You salvage some of it and turn it into usable content for your site.

No Clear Offer

There’s an offer but it’s really not clear. You have a landing page but it doesn’t point to the specific need that you’re giving your audience. Believe it or not, visitors will need to be lead straight to your lead magnet or else they’ll get lost somewhere within your landing page.

Here’s what you can do to point out the benefits of downloading the lead. Take a few screenshots from your lead and post it somewhere your visitors can see. Include an actual FAQ in your landing page. This will get your visitors to where they need to go.

Asking For Too Much

The best lead capture forms require less information because they assume that the visitor is in a hurry and wouldn’t want to give out personal information, let alone their email address.

The key thing to remember is that the more fields a prospect has to fill in, the less chances of a successful conversion (according to Oracle Marketing Cloud). It’s not really that important to get everything now; you can ask for more information later once they get the offer.

A multi-step lead capture form works because it’s a win-win situation for you and the lead prospect. They get to put in one or two information, and you get the lead.


Multiple Call To Action

A landing page should serve one goal and one goal only- to get them to sign up on what you’re offering. This means you should have one CTA, which points to visitors downloading your lead magnet.

You might be thinking that more is better, right? Wrong. Having two call-to-actions will only confuse your audience and could very well elicit zero actions in the end.

Your Landing Page Isn’t Optimized For Mobile

Your landing page may look great on a desktop or laptop screen, but it looks bad on smaller screens. Worse, some of the functions may not work at all when viewed on a smart phone or tablet. No wonder you’re not getting the conversions you need!

Having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute necessity nowadays. Do a quick check of your landing page using a tablet or a mobile phone to see how it looks and runs like. Does the copy, the images and the text display correctly? More importantly, can you fill out the fields comfortably and submit it without running into any problems?

Is your lead magnet a PDF? It will be better to have it sent to an email address so your visitor will have a chance to view and read it properly when they have the time.

The Messages Don’t Match

The landing page should be what your visitors are expecting as soon as they click on that Google search result or Facebook ad. Make sure that the transition feels natural and seamless, or otherwise they’ll arrive confused and unsure on where to go.

Double check the landing page’s imagery, copy and title to ensure a smooth visit and a higher chance of a successful download.


Don’t rush!

Now, take your time and go over all the things I mentioned, and try to resolve them one by one. After all, a lead magnet could potentially bring you the success you’ve always wanted, so why rush it?

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